TIMEMESH is an online game about Europe. It is a collaborative and social graphical adventure game about the main historic events of our past. TIMEMESH is oriented towards 11-15 years-old but anyone can play it.

TIMEMESH is FREE and you can play it alone or with your friends.

Second World War

Help the Allies recover an Enigma Machine and a codebook to decrypt the Axis military messages. Go to occupied Paris, to the German Headquarters, the Warsaw guetto and Bletchley Park, in England.

Maritime Discoveries

Be part of the European maritime expansion in the XV and XVI centuries. Navigate with the Portuguese and Spanish Kings, find new lands in the Ocean.

Industrial Revolution

Did you know that children were the major labour force in the Industrial Revolution? Be part of the struggle to allow children to study and to play. Convince the English Parliament to limit labour to adults.



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